I work operationally with my customers and usually I become an integrated part of the teams that I work with. Getting to know a company’s strengths and business opportunities thoroughly requires getting your hands dirty.



CP Robotics is a spin-out from the University of Southern Denmark that develops advanced software for robotics. The startup had to commercially procure its software and establish themselves on the market through the first sales.

I have been operationally engaged and taken on the positions as sales director and CEO. Throughout a year’s time in the different positions, I gained valuable knowledge on the Danish og European ecosystem in robotics. I used this knowledge to build a distribution network, coordinate various R&D collaborations and established the first sales assignments with “early adopter” clients.

As a result CP Robotics went from a virtual idea to a startup with an established sales pipeline incl. large international companies.



Sprogeriet develops research-based materials to improve children’s language skills. In order to procure their products and to get the proper data and experiences from end-users to decide on further R&D projects, Sprogeriet needed to engage in Private-Public-Partnerships (PPP) with a number of municipalities and daycare services.  

As a board member, who also takes on operational assignments, I tie the loops regarding the PPPs and other business development activities concerning strategic partnerships.

The first PPPs have been establish as well as a solid pipeline of partnerships that can help Sprogeriet scale their social and value driven venture.


building a better “cluster infrastructure” to increase exports of Danish robotic technologies

Robotics companies are often competing on the lowest prices relative to the quality of their product.

I help the cluster organisation, Odense Robotics, build the knowledge on what the strongholds of their member organisations are and how the international market opportunities for these look like.

Furthermore, I help Odense Robotics create a Go-2-Market strategy on a cluster level to help increase exports of Danish robotic technologies.   


Valuedriven scaling and streamlined partnerships

Nordbo Systems has now merged with Lead Robotics and become Nordbo Robotics in order to gather the strengths of both companies and their complementary solutions. Although, Nordbo Systems has been a successful company from day one, and has worked closely with its industrial partners and customers from the beginning - among others as an R&D affiliated to Schneider Electrics and Chinese Amphenol.

The former Nordbo Systems specialised in packaging and quality inspection solutions through advanced robotic technologies, vision and deep learning. Along with the increased interest from different stakeholders, Nordbo Systems had to streamline their collaboration with sales partners and new potential sales partners in order to stay focused and true to their business model and create further growth through sales partners.

I have helped Nordbo Systems to identify their purpose in business and core values in order for them to decide on the best fit of future partners to increase their sales volume. I have done so by being a part of the team i Nordbo Systems for a period of time to be able to identify values and to streamline partnerships by creating new partner agreements in accordance with their purpose in business.   



Lead Robotics was a spin out from former Nordbo Systems. Lead Robotics and Nordbo Systems have now merged into Nordbo Robotics. Lead Robotics developed advanced software for cobots that enabled end-users to record their human worker movements onto their robot fleet without any programming or engineering necessary. The solution was developed to fit the needs of one client - a large Asian corporation. In order to increase sales to the Western markets, Lead Robotics had to fit their solution and the market communication to Western needs.

In order for the core team of Lead Robotics to stay focused on the product development and the Asian opportunities, I was operationally engaged, for a period of four months, to head the early sales efforts. I initiated the dialogue with a number of potential end-users and distributors.

The feedback from the end-users and distributors was used to decide on future sales, marketing and communication approach - and to decide on future partnerships to adapt to the Western market.  



Shape Robotics is a spin-out from the Danish Technical University that develops robotic technologies to be used in STEM-curricular activities. The startup had to commercially establish themselves on the market through the first sales.

I have been operationally engaged and has carried out the assignment of commercialising the first technologies directly to the end-users, teachers and students, in educational institutions.

As a result the knowledge and the relations gained on the Danish educational ecosystem, has been integrated in the daily development- and sales work of Shape Robotics.


building a circular economy around our e-waste

The demand of electrical and electronic products (e-products) is expected to continue growing rapidly and so is, inevitably, the amount of e-waste. If all the e-waste generated in Denmark gets recycled, it can generate a revenue of more than 140m€. Although, with the current practices, less than 15% of this potential is exploited.

In Denmark, around 20% of products found in e-waste are completely functional, while 15% can be reused after minor repairs. The core idea of the startup Recircle is to capture this lost potential by product and component reuse and resell.

As the chairman of the board, who also work operationally, I help Recircle getting started for business.


A stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem for robotics is a stronger communication system

KommPress is the largest Danish communications bureau outside Copenhagen. They specialise in public relations and public affairs.

I am a strong believer that strengthening and improving the mechanisms in an entrepreneurial ecosystem is a communication assignment. Just think about how you have probably heard about Hollywood? and Silicon Valley?

I am collaborating with KommPress to try to emphasis which impact robotic technologies can have in society from a user perspective - and to help kick start a dialogue among the actors of the ecosystem on where we would like to take the technical development.


Kick-starting R-18, a new robotics fair and conference, through strategic partners

How do you create a successful recurring event that can gather stakeholders to the robotics industry - without knowing the robotics industry thoroughly? That was the challenge that OCC faced when they took on the assignment.

I helped OCC build the relations to the various partners, and their proper entry points, within and related to the robotics industry that could help build the first edition of a recurring event. Furthermore, I helped put together the professional conference programme, selected speakers and topics - coordinated and briefed speakers and moderators.    


What are the barriers when automating your production facilities?  

Even though many production companies have started to look into the possibilities of scaling the company and improving the working environment for their shop floor workers through automation technologies, there are still many companies who are reluctant to automate their production or parts of their production.

I am helping UCL to build a training programme to industrial companies who are interested in automating. The program will take the attendees through their ambitions, value chains, order patterns, value stream and their management - among others - to be able to decide on the most useful processes to start automating and to be able to create technical specifications for these.

Furthermore, I am helping UCL to draft how future programmes could engage students to a greater extent to improve their hands-on learning, and how UCL can position themselves even more as a driver in the entrepreneurial robotics ecosystem in Denmark.



UNI-TROLL is a new initiative with global ambitions.Their vision is to revolutionize international goods distribution with universal trolleys and customized, united pool solutions based on a circular economy.

I help UNI-Troll to position themselves in their very complex ecosystem of stakeholders, just as I use my network to help establish strategic partnerships to actors relevant to UNI-Troll’s open service innovation- and circular economy ambitions.